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Red Red Wine.. It’s Fall Time

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photo 1Wearing: Forever 21 Sweater | H&M Floppy Hat | Denimocracy Jeans | DV Dolce Vita Booties

Fall is my favorite time of the year and there is no better way to see all the foliage than a trip to New England. We head to New Hampshire for the weekend and this was my chance to wear my Merlot color inspired outfit..

Central Park Love

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As you can tell, I’m pretty in love with Fall! The leaves, the colors, the crisp air. We decided to head to Central Park to have a little Fall fun at the Boathouse and went on our own little rowboat ride adventure. It was pretty magical!.

Crafts, Wine, and Instagram

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I’m not really the crafty type but when my friend threw a fall craft party with our friends and wine I was in! I have to I’m surprised how everything came out, not Martha Stewart worthy…Yet, but I didn’t crash and burn. Great time with good friends! Had to Instagram my pseudo success!.