Monthly Archives: February 2016

Fringed Out

Wearing: Forever 21 Suede Fringe Jacket |H&M Stripe Top | Zara Jeans | Dolce Vita Booties

Double the Knit


Wearing: S.I.L.K. Sweater | S.I.L.K. Sweater Fringe Vest | Parker Smith High Waist Jeans | Dolce Vita Booties


It’s no secret that I love sweaters, I live in them all Fall/Winter long. Sometimes they can get a little boring and mundane…then this S.I.L.K. sweater set came into my life! It incorporates so many top trends into one look yet it’s still a clean and tonal look. Everything from a cropped top/sweater, turtleneck, long vest, and fringe all mixed into one. Keeping it one shade allows it all to blend for a simple yet chic look and totally ups my sweater game!