Boyfriend’s Shirt Redone!

Wearing: Husband’s Banana Republic Shirt (similar here) | Romwe Lace Up Skirt | Seychelles Sandals

I have been inspired with seeing all these stories on how to style a maybe then boring button up into something fashion forward…Cue me raiding my husband’s closets! I took his stripe work shirt and gave it new life! Paired with this AMAZING (I’m obsessed with anything lace-up!) skirt from Romwe. It fits like a glove and gives me everything I wanted from a skirt and more. Below are instructions on how to re-work your boyfriend, husband, own button up shirt.

1. Button your shirt from the bottom up to your chest, wherever you want the top to hit, keeping your arms out.

2. Pull both sleeves to the front and tie in a knot. Make sure when tying in a knot to go opposite ways, meaning if the first tie is right over left then do left over right the second time. This will keep the knot centered.

3. Adjust the top to puff a little to make it a sweetheart neckline and that’s it!




7 Responses to Boyfriend’s Shirt Redone!

  1. madison says:

    So cute!! I’ve been seeing these tutorials everywhere! I need to try it. Love the way you paired it!


  2. Omg how freaking cute!!! I love this!

  3. Mayra says:

    Wow what a great idea!! Love it especially paired with the white skirt. Great share!

  4. Nicole says:

    OMG! You are so creative! I would have never thought of doing this, it looks great on you. Love the sweetheart necklace.


  5. You are a mastermind, girl! I would never think to do this, but it looks so DOPE! I LOVE IT!

    Have the best Labor Day Weekend!

  6. WOW! I love your outfit! I really appreciate on how you styled it!
    And you really look ADORABLE too! 🙂

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